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99.9%, pure THC

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THC-A Crystalline Hash is the holy grail of cannabis potency. The process starts with a cannabis extract. Then, cannabis extract is mixed with acetic acid and hexane. Those chemicals work together to dissolve the plant matter but preserve the THC.
Lebanese Blonde Hash is becoming more popular for its several health benefits. The THC levels in this product are higher than most hashes in the market, giving users an overall sense of well-being. And yes, the feelings of euphoria are so alluring that many people can’t get enough of it.
Meet THC-A Crystalline, the purest hash on the planet. In fact, THC-A Crystalline is believed to be the purest form of a concentrate that’s scientifically able to be made. And that means its THC content is an incredible 99.9%, pure THC.
Crystalline can also be smoked or dabbed using a dab rig. A dab rig is a type of smoking apparatus, similar to a small water bong, that vaporizes heated crystalline so it can be inhaled in single, measured doses.
Hash is kief that has been heated and pressurized into a wax or extracted into a liquid. Generally, hash is easier to use than kief. It’s also more concentrated, with many varieties having between 20% and 60% THC. Some types can have THC levels going up to 80%. Buy vapes online
Moroccan Hash is made by heating or “browning” Kief to decarboxylate cannabis, which is the process of using heat to chemically activate the psychoactive THC cannabinoids in the plant. Heating Kief is a traditional favorite for maximizing THC potency and creating subtle changes to the plant’s terpene profile.
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